WordFind Puzzles: Version Log

Check the update log below to make sure you have the latest version. If not download it for free!

Not sure which version you have?  Click the [about] button in the WordFind Puzzle.

version 1.2.1, 25 April 2011

Minor update to allow multi-site licensing.

version 1.2, 18 January 2011

Enhanced performance. Added "white label" version. Fixed bug in about screen.

version 1.1.1, 4 September 2010

Added a new "close" action to close a window from a button click.  Useful if you are opening puzzles in their own window, and want the user to be able to close the window when they have finished the puzzle.

version 1.1, 8 August 2010

Checks for profanities in word list, and makes sure they are not randomly generated.  Additional list of banned words may be added to the template.

Added clearer messages for problems with puzzle definition, such as words not fitting into grid.

version 1.0, 8 July 2010

Initial release of WordFind Puzzles.