WordFind: Parts of the Puzzle

Puzzle files define the word list for the WordFind puzzle, and override parts of the template to provide custom labels, graphics, sounds, etc.

Example Puzzle Explained

The sample1 puzzle is shown in the right hand column below, with a discussion of each part on the left.

This is just a sample, and it should be noted that although only a few things are overridden here, almost any part of the template can be overridden.

The root node for the puzzle is always <wordfind>.  The id is required, and is passed back to the server for use with scoring etc.
<wordfind id="sample1">

The word list is defined by a <words> node which contains a number of <word> nodes each with a word (or phrase) to appear in the puzzle.

When a compound word, such as "Julius Caesar" is used the words will appear WITHOUT the space in the puzzle.


A text item for the title.  This overrides the one in the template.

All of the position, font-size, etc are used from the template, so all we need to include is the id (so it knows which text item to use), and the caption we want to use.

<text id="txtTitle" caption="Yummy Fruit"/>

The grid for the puzzle. Again we override the one in the template.

We want a different number of rows and columns, and we define the mix of diagonal and backwards words.  As a last step we have tweaked the backgroundAlpha.

<grid rows="10" cols="10" diagonal="10%" backwards="0%" diagback="0%" backgroundAlpha="0.6"/>
Custom background image. <image id="imgBackground" source="fruit.jpg" tile="true"/>
Tweak background alpha of word-list area. <frame id="list" backgroundAlpha="0.6"/>
End of the puzzle. </wordfind>