Downloading and Installing WordFind

wordfind puzzle

You can download a free trial version of WordFind and put it on your site.

The trial version displays a nag screen each time a new puzzle is displayed.

Step 1: Download the Install (zip file)

Download free WordFind trial - Click this link and select Save to save the zip file to your hard drive.

Step 2: Install on your website...

Upload via CPanel's File Manager and extract...

  • Open File Manager.
  • Click on Upload, and then Browse to find "", and upload it.
  • When the upload has completed, select "" and click Extract (extract to the root of your site, the zip file will create its own directory called "wordfind").
  • Once you have checked that it installed (step 3) you might want to delete the zip file.

OR Extract and then upload via FTP...

  • Use 7-zip or similar to extract the contents of "".  You will find a folder called "wordfind".
  • Using your FTP program upload the entire "wordfind" directory to the root of your site.

Step 3: Check the samples...

There are two samples included with the install. Replace yourdomain with the location of your website in the following urls...



Next Steps...

Now that you have the samples working it's time to create your own puzzles!

Got the Latest Version?

Make sure you check the WordFind Puzzle Version Log, to ensure you have all the latest features. If not then download the new one! It's free, and if you have an existing licence it will continue to work with any new sub-versions.