MatchUp Puzzles: Version Log

Check the update log below to make sure you have the latest version. If not download it for free!

Not sure which version you have?  Click the [about] button in the Matchup Puzzle.

version 1.2.2, 18 April 2012

Addition of config file to allow alternate languages.  Updated "score.php" which shows an example of maintaining a high score table with a simple text file.

version 1.2.1, 25 April 2011

Minor update to allow multi-site licensing.

version 1.2, 18 January 2011

Enhanced performance. Fixed bug in about screen.

version 1.1, 10 December 2010 - White-label version

The new version of MatchUp now allows for a "white-label" license.  This option is perfect for resellers who may not want their clients knowing the origin of the product.  Please contact us for pricing.

version 1.0.1, 4 September 2010

Added a new "close" action to close a window from a button click.  Useful if you are opening puzzles in their own window, and want the user to be able to close the window when they have finished the puzzle.

version 1.0, 8 July 2010

Initial release of MatchUp Puzzles.