Creating Matchup Puzzles

Creating a new matchup puzzle is easy, just follow these simple steps...

Step 1: Plan your puzzle

It's a good idea to work out how big your puzzle should be.  This will usually depend on where you are putting it in your site.

We've created this puzzle size calculator to help you work out how much room you will need and what size the cards should be.

Step 2: Create images for the cards

You need to create one image for the back of your cards and then a separate image for each of the different front pictures.

Read more about creating card images.

Step 3: Create the puzzle file

Start with an existing puzzle file, such as one of the samples, and replace the list of cards with the names of your cards.  Give it a new id, and save the file with a different name.  You may also want to change the title, the background image, and other features.

For a more detailed description read the Match-Up Puzzles: Basic Editing article.

Step 4: Test!

It's important to test your puzzle.  If you have a large set of cards, you might want to refresh a few times just to be sure that none of the image files are missing.

More Information

There's a lot more you can do in terms of configuring, and changing the appearance of the puzzles.  We'll try to cover these advanced topics soon, but in the meantime if you have any questions, please contact us.