Match-up Puzzles

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Match-up is a Flash-based product that let's you create match-up games for your website.  It's easy to use and easy to install.

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You don't need to know anything about Flash.  You just create your own pictures for the cards and then tell Match-up how you want them laid out.

Create Your Own Match-up Puzzles

You can create your own match-up puzzles quickly and easily.  Add a match-up game featuring characters from your website, or products that you sell, or anyhting else you want to!

Enhance Your Content

Because Matchup embeds into your existing site, you can place it in a way that enhances your content.

This lets you give kids a fun activity, whilst staying on message.

Increase Sales and Advertising Revenue

Many websites derive a significant proportion of their revenues from advertising.  And including high quality, fun activities such as a matching puzzle is a sure way to keep visitors on your site longer and to have them coming back again and again.

The maths is simple...

More-Visitors x More-Time-On-Site = More $$$

Match-up loads quickly, which allows you to treat each new puzzle selected as new page impression.  This is VERY important if you are using advertising such as Google AdSense.

Easy To Install

Match-up is really easy to install.  It does not require any back-end service, just a simple configuration file.

Easy To Add New Puzzles

Whenever you create a new puzzle, you simply upload the images and configuration file to your site, and then provide a link from your content.

Find Out More

Want to try it out on your website?  Download the Match-up trial version.

If you need more information, please contact us.